Consulting/Contract Services

The Research Forest conducts consulting and contract services as a means of diversifying our revenues and extending our expertise to a variety of clients.

   Forest Management

1. Management Planning – Specializing in long-term, integrated and sustainable management of forest resources in the interior of British Columbia, including uneven-aged forest ecosystems and mule deer winter ranges.

2. Community and First Nations Forestry Planning

3. Fuel Hazard Reduction in Wildland/Urban Interfaces – Planning, layout, and operations supervision is conducted with particular attention to neighbours and reducing visual and biodiversity impacts.

4. Silviculture – Expertise with tree regeneration in challenging conditions, and implementation of silviculture systems other than clearcut, e.g. shelterwood, single-tree selection, and group selection, while addressing forest health concerns.


1. Forest-sourced Biofuels – Cutting edge experience with quantification, comminution, transportation, production and utilization of woody biomass.

   Environmental Research and Monitoring

1. Project Installation and Measurements – Treatment response measures and effectiveness monitoring plans can be implemented, measured and reported upon. Extensive familiarity with forest ecosystems as well as identification skills with vegetation (forest and grassland) and wildlife, especially birds.


1. Technical and Popular Writing – In-house production of print-ready documents, including extension notes, articles and reports.

2. Training – Development and delivery of field and classroom training materials related to our areas of expertise.

3. Presentations – Development and delivery of multi-media presentations or course content.

4. Extension Strategy and Plan Development

5. Field Tours – Content development and logistical planning of forest-themed field trips for professionals and students.

6. Interpretive Materials – Signs, display panels, banners, brochures expertly written and designed.